Grow clivia in UK 在英国种君子兰

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Clivia, is one of my favourite flowers. It is also called Natal lily commonly. Generally they are disease free and really easy to grow. They are evergreen perennials, so once you have one, you are going to have it for years.The strap-shaped leaves can reach about 60 cm in length, with erect stems bearing a terminal umbel of funnel-shaped, orange-red flowers up to about 10cm in length.  I have several of them here in Edinburgh. First photo below I took when flower was on. Clivia seeds are orange-red when they are ripe. Below is one of my clivas . First picture took when flowers were on. After the flower, the seeds are green , then turn orange-red when they are ripe, as shown in the second picture. Today I would like to share with you how to grow clivia from seeds.

The flower time of my clivia is mainly in March and  September, every year. So now(at the end of May) the seeds are ripe and ready to sow. Clivia seeds, you do not dry them before you sow. When they are orange-red color, they are ripe. All you need to do is picking up them freshly from the plant and sow directly. The photo below shows five seeds I picked up right before I sowed them. The middle one has been peeled this time , just to see the difference with or without seed skin.

Have you noticed that this seed (above) is really ready to sow. The seeding is already popped up from inside the seed. To sow the clivia seeds, get a medium size pot, fill multipurpose compost to about two third, then place seeds evenly to the soil. To finish, cover seed with about 1-2 cm of compost, then water them thoroughly.

The picture below took on 17/07/2017 when the seeding is about 1cm high. So now you can see it takes roughly 6-7 weeks to germinate.

Before I finish today, I would like to share with you a clivia plant from seed which I sowed last year.  It is roughtly 10 cm high now.

Apart from sowing from seeds, clivia can also be propagated by division.  Young plants appear next to your main plant. When these young clivias are big enough, you cut them off the main plant, and pot them separately.

That’s all for today, I think. And until next time,

Happy growing!

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