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我种的蒜及自制糖醋蒜Sweet and sour garlic

Hi there, hope you are all well and managed to find some time to relax. Today please let me show you one of my harvest in June—-garlic. I know I lot of people do not like or eat garlic. Due to the weather here in Scotland, there are quite a few we can grow during the winter, and garlic is one of them. Therefore last November, I bought some garlic bulbs from supermarket and used all those cloves as seeds.

First let me show you my garlic bulbs.

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Grow szechuan peppercorn tree in Scotland, UK在英国种四川花椒树

Hi there, hope you are all very well , and enjoy the British summer right now. Since the weather is so good , all my plants are growing very well now in my plot. Today I would like to share with you my Szechuan pepper tree with you.

I lived in the capital city of Szechuan province for several years. While I was there, I fell in love with Szechuan cuisine. The ingredient that nearly every single recipe needs is the Szechuan peppercorn. Here in the UK, it is very difficult to get good quality Szechuan peppercorns, therefore I always want to grow it by myself.

The picture below shows my Szechuan peppercorn tree. Well, it is not a tree now, really, just one and a half meters high right now.

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Grow clivia in UK 在英国种君子兰

博主按: 这是我写在我的英文博客上的一篇文章。因为现在太忙,实在是没有精力管理两个博客,所以将几篇英文博文转过来,然后就会把英文博客关了。

Clivia, is one of my favourite flowers. It is also called Natal lily commonly. Generally they are disease free and really easy to grow. They are evergreen perennials, so once you have one, you are going to have it for years.The strap-shaped leaves can reach about 60 cm in length, with erect stems bearing a terminal umbel of funnel-shaped, orange-red flowers up to about 10cm in length.  I have several of them here in Edinburgh. First photo below I took when flower was on. Clivia seeds are orange-red when they are ripe. Below is one of my clivas . First picture took when flowers were on. After the flower, the seeds are green , then turn orange-red when they are ripe, as shown in the second picture. Today I would like to share with you how to grow clivia from seeds.

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